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Johnson First Aid Training

We Believe That Everyone, No Matter What Age Should Learn First Aid

Johnson First Aid Training believe that “quality counts”, we take seriously that we are training people to deal with potentially life threatening, high stress situations that could be happening to their loved ones and it is incumbent on us to give our students the best possible training so that they have the skills, knowledge and confidence when they need it the most.

We want to give everyone the skills and confidence to deal with emergency situations that could occur in the workplace but just as easily could happen to family members and friends in the home environment.

Committed to providing a Fun, Practical Approach to First Aid Training

Why Choose Us?

With a combined total of over 50 years’ experience training first aid in the local community, Johnson First Aid Training offer some of the most experience trainers with a diverse background in both clinical and workplace settings to give you a comprehensive training experience.

When you complete training with Johnson First Aid Training you will learn not only the theory of First Aid but we will help you “learn the concept” behind what to do so you can adjust the techniques to suit the endless situations you may find yourself in.

Come and get trained by the best - we can’t wait to have you in one of our training sessions.

Meet the Johnson First Aid Training team


Tim comes from a background working in the mine and marine rescue areas, working in places like the Pilbara, North West central Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.

He’s been training first aid for almost 13 years and has a passion for helping people get that “light bulb moment”.

Tim loves Fly Fishing, so the remote wilderness of Tasmania is heaven on earth, and he couldn’t imagine living anywhere better.


Kim has worked in the community services sector for nearly 20 years and got her Training and Assessment qualification 15 years ago.
She is passionate about helping others and maintaining safe and compliant workplaces.

When the work day is done Kim is an outdoors sort of person who loves travel, Fine dining, hiking, Fishing and spending time with the “Fur babies”


Joe has been part of the backbone of the training industry in Tasmania, having started his training career over 42 years ago.

Joe has been a dedicated sports trainer for over 30 years and has been educating other sports trainers for 25 years. He has been training first aid for 22 years and he still loves helping his students learn the concept. Joe is still a current sport trainer and loves helping athletes on the side lines.

Outside of the classroom He is a talented musician being part of The Tasmanian Music Scene for 50 Plus Years


With an extensive clinical background of being a Paramedic and a Registered Nurse, Nigel is one of the best medical educators, not only in Tasmania but the whole of Australia.

Nigel has been a keynote speaker for various international conferences and he manages to make his extensive knowledge relevant to everyone ranging from clinicians to people with no previous experience.

Nigel loves the theatre and the arts having been an actor for many years and we can guarantee attending a Training session with Nigel is something you will never forget


Nat is our customer service superstar having organised training courses in the local community for more than 12 years.

Nat’s mentality is that there is no problem that can’t be overcome and she is completely focused on giving our clients and students the best possible experience. Nat loves talking to others and is a people person whether it’s booking a training venue or pouring a beer.

Outside of work She is a Ford fan and passionate about Supporting Her Daughter’s passion for Racing Go-Carts and Speedway


Douglas is a current register paramedic working with Ambulance Tasmania.
He has an extensive background working in Ski Patrol and as an Educator in our local community.
When he is out of an ambulance, Douglas is our resident “Top Gun” aviator flying war birds in our beautiful Tasmanian skies.


Rebecca is a registered nurse with nearly 30 years clinical experience within the health industry including emergency response & mental health.
Bec has also run first aid response/ risk management on film and production sets.
Rebecca brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm in her training courses with the Johnsons trade mark for fun, engaged learning.

Come and get trained by the best - we can’t wait to have you in one of our training sessions.

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