Casuality Simulation

Providing Confidence To Handle A First Aid Incident

Like the majority of employers, I’m sure when it comes to First Aid you have asked yourself 

“Would I or my staff have the confidence and skills to deal with an actual major first aid incident at my workplace?”

This is where a training method called Casualty Simulation or CAS SIM will prove its worth to your business.

Casualty Simulation is where we work with employers to develop realistic scenarios that are relevant to their workplace hazards specifically for the First Aiders to roleplay in a safe environment.

We use actors to represent casualties and we have moulage technicians that create realistic fake injuries on the casualties to add realism to the scenario and to assist the First Aiders with treating the casualties in line with First Aid principles.

We don’t just “drop” the First Aiders into the scenario as that would likely lead to anxiety and stress and diminish the learning experience, so we conduct an introduction session where we go through the principles of First Aid, mentor them through the scenario and then conduct a debriefing session after.

We also give the employer a report on the scenario to go through what was done well and what may need some work in the future.

There is an adage in sport “You play how you train”, CAS SIM is an amazing tool for workplaces to identify strengths and weaknesses in their First Aid risk assessment, available First Aid resources and the level of training of their staff.

It also give their staff confidence by practicing skills that hopefully they will never have to use in a real life setting.

If you would like to know more about casualty simulation, contact our team today!

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