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A Fun & Practical Approach To First Aid Courses Devonport!

Johnson First Aid Training offer a wide range of first aid courses to Devonport and surrounding areas. If you want to learn life-saving skills, and be prepared for any emergency, enrol in one of our first aid course today.

Our training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to provide immediate medical assistance, potentially saving lives in critical situations. Led by experienced trainers with a background in clinical and workplace settings, our course provides hands-on training for practical application.

Contact us today if you would like to arrange first aid training for your workplace or organisation in Devonport or surround areas.

Our Most Popular First Aid Courses

CPR Standard

This course is ideal for anyone who had little to no experience or understanding of CPR. It will provide you with the skills required to perform CPR

CPR Express​

This course is for anyone with CPR training in the last 12 months or significant first aid experience. It can help you exhibit your competence in a short time frame.


Provide First Aid

This course is useful for all those with little or no prior First Aid experience. You can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide basic life support until medical assistance arrives.

Featured Courses

Casualty Simulation


Enhance your team’s emergency response skills with our casualty simulation program. This practical exercise helps you simulate medical emergencies in the workplace, allowing you to practice and improve your response as a team.

Tasmanian White Card

Gain the essential work health and safety training needed before undertaking construction work with our Tasmanian White Card course. Prevent harm or injury to yourself and others by enrolling in this mandatory training.

Keystone Tasmania


Our first aid course is now available for members under the Keystone Tasmania funding scheme. Get in touch with us to learn more about this opportunity, and visit the Keystone Tasmania website for more details.

Why Choose Us For Your First Aid Courses Devonport?

Call us today to discuss running a first aid course for your business in Devonport and surrounding areas!

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