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Fun And Interactive First Aid Courses Hobart

“Hope for the best, plan for the worst.” At Johnson First Aid Training we take that saying quite literally. You never know when a loved one or someone around you will require first aid. Undertaking a first aid course will help you be prepared for these situations.

We offer a wide variety of first aid courses. From courses for first time first raiders right through to course specific for certain industries. Our team of trainers have over 50 years of experience between them. They make the learning experience fun and interactive with practical methods, making grasping the concept easier than lengthy PowerPoint presentations.

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Our Popular First Aid Courses Hobart

CPR Standard

The comprehensive course helps individuals train in CPR techniques for vulnerable cases such as heart attacks and drowning. CPR is an important skill to learn and could help to save a life.

CPR Express​

This course is for anyone with CPR training in the last 12 months or significant first-aid experience. It helps you increase your efficiency and remain more considerate about specific cases, like people with asthma.


Provide First Aid

For those who don’t have first-aid experience, this course is invaluable. We teach all the various tools and techniques for basic medical aid, including tourniquets and neutralising acid burns

Featured Courses

Casualty Simulation


Our casualty simulation programs are designed to simulate emergency situations and that may occur and help your team know how to react and handle these situations.

Tasmanian White Card

We have partnered with Keystone Tasmania meaning that you can access our first aid courses through their funding scheme for keystone member.

Keystone Tasmania


Get yourself ready for work in the construction industry with the mandatory Tasmanian White Card, helping you get ready to be safe onsite!

Why You Should Choose Us For First Aid Course Hobart

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